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Scott McDougall

A Visionary Leader in Sustainability, CSR, and Social Entrepreneurship

An experienced executive in sustainability and CSR, as well as a social entrepreneur, my interests are in innovative ways at making the world a better place. Through fresh and entrepreneurial approaches, I work to make progress on environmental and social challenges. My expertise lies in business, but I also have significant experience in the not-for-profit and political sectors.


Professional Background:

I've held diverse roles including executive, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, writer, and speaker in the environmental, sustainability, CSR, social investment, and business communities. Until 2012, I served as President and CEO of TerraChoice Group Inc., a firm specializing in sustainability certification and marketing. At TerraChoice, we combined science and business expertise to help genuine environmental leaders build market share and accelerate progress towards sustainability.

Thought Leadership:

As a thought leader, I completed a 60+ stop speaking circuit, including two tours in Australia, and have been featured as an expert commentator on TV shows like Canada AM, Business Week, CBC, CNBC, and in print coverage such as The New York Times, The Economist, Newsweek, Marketing Magazine, The National Post, and more.


Current & Past Appointments:


My extensive involvement spans various directorial or advisory positions, including Turneffe Atoll Trust, Marine Conservation Expeditions Inc., BGI Inc., Ryan’s Well Foundation, Earthcycle Packaging Inc., Bytown Brigantine Incorporated, University of Ottawa Professional Training Services, Environment Committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Ad Hoc Committee on Urban Land Trusts in Ottawa, and National Issue Table on Climate Change International Flexibility Mechanisms.

My mission:


I'm driven by a profound belief in the power of collaboration, innovation, and responsible business practices to forge a sustainable and compassionate future. My multifaceted career reflects a commitment to leading positive change in the world.



Interested in learning more or exploring collaboration opportunities? Feel free to reach out by clicking here. Together, we can create impactful solutions for a better tomorrow.

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